Laminated log


for hundreds of years in Scandinavia,

slowly growing nordic wood,

has been a key component of construction

Laminated logs offers superior qualities compared to traditional wood construction. These qualities are well presented in extreme environments of hot or cold temperatures. Laminated logs, where two or more layers of wood are glued together fit well to even to urban environment. Lamination ensures that the good qualities of wood are conserved for long time and unwanted bendings or crackings do not happen.


Terfer's partner, Lameco Ltd is a pioneer in production of laminated logs and other log-products. We are proud to offer their products to the projects we are involved in

Why build in glued laminated timber:


• Low operating costs, energy efficiency

• Strong structures for long life

• Safer and better fire resistance

• Comfortable and better quality of indoor air

• More stable in earthquake zones

• Quick assembly and top quality

• Save time and money



Latest activities

Currently in Algeria for wood construction projects and high level of development initiatives

07:18 AM Sept 17


Algerian partner visited in Finland, interesting opportunities

09:44 AM Aug 15


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